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Download this file (2 Spanish, French, Dutch, British Colonies (2009-2010).ppt)AKS 30 Early Colonialpresentation
Download this file (AKS 30 sheet.doc)AKS 30 SheetColonial America fill-in organizer
Download this file (AKS 30.31outline.pdf)AKS 30-31 Outline/NotesUnit 1 Colonial America
Download this file (AKS 31.ppt)AKS 31 Colonial trade & mercantilismpresentation
Download this file (AKS 31 sheet.doc)AKS 31 SheetColonial America fill-in organizer 2
Download this file (AKS 32 sheet.doc)AKS 32 SheetCauses of American Revolution
Download this file (Road to Revolution.doc)AKS 32-33 Road to Revolution quick referenceHonors 5th period
Download this file (AKS 32-33  Study Guide.pdf)AKS 32-33 Study Guide CPAmerican Revolution & Its Causes
Download this file (AKS 32-33 Honors Study Guide.pdf)AKS 32-33 Study Guide Honors 
Download this file (American Revolution (DRAFT for your review  2009-2010).ppt)AKS 33 American Revolution Eventspresentation
Download this file (AKS 33 worksheet.doc)AKS 33 SheetAmerican Revolution
Download this file (AKS 34  first part  Dev of Govt.doc)AKS Sheet 34Articles of Confed.etc.
Download this file (AKS 34 second part Wash to Adams.doc)AKS Sheet 34 (cont.) 
Download this file (Colonies Map and Chart.doc)Colony Map & Chart8/7 Classwork (in class you were absent)
Download this file (Effects of the French and Indian War.doc)Effects of French and Indian War 
Download this file (2 Unit 3.4 French_Indian War (2009-2010).ppt)French and Indian War (AKS 32)slides
Download this file (Action  Reaction with pics.ppt)Prelude to Revolution (AKS 32-33)Action v. Reaction slides
Download this file (AKS 30-31 Colonial America Study Guide 2013.pdf)Unit 1 Study Guide ItemsHonors 5th period
Download this file (US History Study Guide Colonization.doc)Unit 1 Study Guide ItemsUSH College Prep
Download this file (US History Syllabus 2014.pdf)US History Syllabus 2014It is what it is..

World Geography Tools


Download this file (PresentationBioPoem.pptx)8/5 ClassworkBioPoem Example
Download this file (I am from activity.doc)8/7 ClassworkI am From activity
Download this file (Chapter 3 Climate Chart _Questions.doc)Climate Questions/Ch. 38/22 Classwork
Download this file (Geography syllabus +expectationsF14.pdf)Geography Syllabusfor your information...
Download this file (North Africa and SW Asia Maps.doc)N Africa/SW Asia Maps 

Timothy J. Kiep

phpSbAPkmAM AKS 30-31 Exam in Honors World Geography Friday, Sept. 12. Corresponding readings Ch 3--5.


Attention US History: if eClass link to online US History text doesnt work use this link:

Its the old book but still works. Sections 1.4 thru 2.2 cover the French and Indian War through the American Revolution! 


its in .pdf format, so all you need is Acrobat Reader and you're good to go.Wink




Fall 2014                                      


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5               Honors US History

6               CP US History

7               CP US History

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