EPIC-Project Based Learning

EPIC-Project Based Learning

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EPIC is a project-based learning program at Mill Creek High School which is experiential, project-based, innovative, collaborative and cross-curricular. 

"Project Based Learning is learning with a different perspective which is what makes PBL unique." - MC EPIC Student

"Mill creek EPIC has brought me into a new culture of learning- it has enhanced my ability to work in a team, be a leader, and adapt to challenges at hand." - MC EPIC Student

Are you a rising 9th grader interested in our EPIC (Project Based Learning) program?

Information about EPIC can be found on our website at http://millcreekepic.weebly.com.

Want to see what EPIC is up to?

EPIC can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Weebly.  

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 Check us out on Twitter at:


Check us out on Instagram at: