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Video Highlights Class of 2018 Graduation

Thanks to Mr. Kutter and our excellent broadcasting department we are happy to share these videos highlights of graduation for viewing or download!


Graduation Ceremony Part 1

Graduation Ceremony Part 2

Dual Enrollment Summer Dates for Schedule Assistance

Students who are registered for and confirmed for dual enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year may come on the following dates for assistance with their schedule.  Please note appoinements are REQUIRED and maybe scheduled HERE.


May 31, 2018

June 21, 2018

July 19, 2018

Advanced Placement Summer Assignments 2018

AP Subjects that DO require a summer assignment:

AP Art: Studio Drawing: 2 artworks (1 realistic and 1 concentration)

AP Art: Studio 2D Design: 2 artworks (1 abstract/design and 1 concentration)

AP Art: Studio 3D Design: 2 artworks (1 concentration and 1 breadth)

AP Biology

AP Calculus BC

AP Chemistry

AP Computer Science (provided, but optional)

AP English Language (11th & 12 grade)

AP English Literature

AP French: Grammar and Skills Practice

AP Physics 1

AP Seminar

AP Spanish Language

AP US History

AP World History/ European History Combination Course


AP Subjects that DO NOT require a summer assignment:

AP Calculus AB

AP Macroeconomics

AP Environmental Science

AP Government

AP Human Geography

AP Physics C

AP Psychology

AP Spanish Literature

AP Statistics

AP Research

AP World History

Jumpstart Reading 2018

Hawks Soar Through Jumpstart Reading Opportunities, 2018-2019

Mill Creek’s Language Arts Department encourages everyone to continue reading through the summer months. Reading helps review essential skills for the upcoming semester, begins the bridge from one grade-level to the next, and provides baseline data for the upcoming school year. Reading, also, can improve your health.

According to studies compiled by Book Insider (2017) , reading can:

Even more, reading during the summer can reduce “summer slide.” Students who don’t read,  or read infrequently during their summer vacation, see their reading abilities stagnate or decline. However, “summer slide” can be avoided if you read during the summer months.  In fact, the more engaged you are in the text, the more you comprehend, and the more your critical reading skills improve.

So, what will you read? Below, you will find links to each course’s jumpstart opportunity. This opportunity can help you get ahead on the first assignment of the school year and will be used for the first in-class writing assignment. We strongly encourage you to start this over the summer but it will also be assigned the first day of school and will be due within the first few weeks of school.

Before committing to a book, please peruse the book reviews and review the content with your parents. Make sure the book piques your interest and is appropriate for you.  If none of the books on the list meets your family’s preferences, please contact Department Chairperson Kaysheila Mitchell to discuss an alternate title.

Also, remember, this is not a collaborative assignment. The jumpstart assignment is an individual assessment of your reading skills and basic understanding of your text. Therefore, your answers should be your original idea. So, please, avoid all online and published databases, as well as working with a partner.

Mill Creek offers multiple levels within each grade band; so, there is a list for EPIC, AP, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade. If you are taking an AP level Language Arts class as a senior or junior, complete the AP level Language Arts assignment.  If you are in the EPIC program, complete the EPIC assignment for your specific grade level. If you are neither in EPIC nor an AP level Language Arts class, scroll down for your grade level assignment.


  • Rising 9th Grade (non-PBL/EPIC)
  • Rising 10th Grade (non-PBL/EPIC)

  • Rising 11th Grade (non-AP Lang)
  • Rising 12th Grade (non-AP Level)

2018-2019 Clinic Card

Please click the link below for the 2018-2019 clinic card.


2018-2019 Clinic Card

New Student Registration Information

Mill Creek High School

2018-2019 Summer Enrollment Information

Welcome Future Hawks!!!


We are happy your student will be enrolling at Mill Creek High School.  As the enrolling parent/guardian, please follow the instructions below.

 Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled appointment to allow time to process paperwork!!


STEP 1Make a Registration Appointment HERE.  Appointments are required for all registration days except the Arena Registration on July 31st.


STEP 2If your student has NEVER been enrolled in a Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) … Complete the GCPS Online Registration – click HERE to be redirected.  You may want to review the Step-By-Step Instructions for using the Online Registration System found HERE.


If your student has previously been enrolled in GCPS … you DO NOT need to complete the GCPS Online Registration portion.


STEP 3:  All required documents for registration can be found HERE.  Please bring all items to your enrollment appointment.  All families will complete additional forms specific to Mill Creek High School at the enrollment appointment.  


Please Note:  At your enrollment appointment, you MUST bring with you two types of proof of residency as seen on the document above or you WILL NOT be able to enroll your student.  There will be no exceptions to these county mandated requirements.             



We are offering a day to enroll your student without an appointment through our Arena Registration process.  The date for Arena Registration will be July 31, 2018 from 8:30am-2:30pmNo appointment will be necessary on this date, but you will still need to complete Step Two in the above registration process if applicable.  All county required documentation for enrollment listed above will still be required as well. 




Be sure to review the Jumpstart Reading Program information HERE.  The Jumpstart Reading Program is Mill Creek’s summer reading assignment and required of all students.  The due date for the assignment varies – so please check the course information that applies to your student. 

  We are happy you will be joining the Mill Creek Family!!


Hawks S.O.A.R. to Excellence

S.O.A.R. = Strive to Overachieve through Accountability and Respect


"Take Flight" Newsletter for May 21

We are thrilled to share the new issue of our bi-weekly newsletter, Take Flight.  It is our hope that this publication will help keep you informed about the great things happening at Mill Creek!



If you would like to see any of our past issues of Take Flight please click here.

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